Useful SEO tools for novices by Agam Berry

Useful SEO tools for novices by Agam Berry

Feb 11

There are tons of novice site owners out there. They arrive at a conclusion that creating a website can help them become popular and productive with their ventures. Then, reality hits: you probably have not considered the role of internet marketing as an important tool for your online marketing strategies. Agam Berry helps us by identifying some important aspects that we fail to see regarding SEO and how site owners can best cooperate with SEO companies and web masters so that they can effectively drive their site to a full marketing success. There are many things to consider so let us get started with the important details.


As site owners, you need to educate yourself more about search engines such as MSN Search, Bing, Google and Yahoo. One of the best uses of search engines for marketing purposes is to spy on competitors to see how their sites are doing on specific and general keywords and phrases. You can also go and use specific tool bars or websites to analyze the current ranking of the site in search engines. As a website owner, you have to educate yourself about the various factors that affect the success of your site in a competitive environment. you have to analyze your link popularity, the number of links that are indexed by search engines. In fact, they are not really that complex to find. You can easily check if you are indexed by typing certain codes within your URL and you can already find them. Of course, your URL and domain are two different things. The domain does not use the “http://” but the URL uses it.


Before the SEO Company actually creates any strategy for your site, they will normally interview the client about certain aspects like link exchanges if the client is willing do so. One concern is finding these sites that are willing to exchange links with your own site. Do not fret; this is actually an easy fix. You can find from your own competitors the sites they exchanged their links with. You can use the link popularity details of the competitor to analyze who are what is connected to them. If you are serious about being in business with different entities within your niche, you have to find a way to befriend them or stay close to them at the very least. You can say that search engines are fantastic tools to have though they are unpredictable and sometimes hard to analyze.


Another thing to understand as a site owner is basic HTML. You do not need to learn the advanced skills but if you understand the most common syntax used for your site, and then you have more control of your SEO strategies. Most of the time, SEO experts will tell you to find Meta tags, H1 and H2 tags, title tags and many other things that you might not have heard of before. Use them and you can see some changes in your site.


The Google Toolbar according to Agam Berry is a fabulous tool that can be used to analyze your page ranking. This can show you how your site is doing in the battle of supremacy to get to the top. You can see here where your SEO is heading. Use it, and you can definitely have the upper hand of your marketing.