The curse of the Flash- Agam Berry looks deeper to the risks of using this web platform

The curse of the Flash- Agam Berry looks deeper to the risks of using this web platform

Feb 11


In online marketing, beauty is not everything. Sometimes, beauty could hold back your success. Flash websites are recognized for their amazing looks and dynamic appeal. In reality, though, Flash is that roadblock that hinders the success of your website or marketing venture. That does not mean you should not make use of Flash. If it is vital and proper for your goals, then by all means, have it done. But if your goal is to gain a high ranking on search engines, then you might want to rethink having a flash website. It looks nice, but it does not perform well for marketing purposes.


Imagine what you have on a flash site: it contains primarily images and animation or videos. No matter how many text you have, the flash site will render this as an image and this could be deleterious to your marketing. Images do not work very well for marketing experts. Agam Berry stresses that to make images be indexed or be used for SEO purposes, you make use of tags. Why is this the case? Search engines use information and text as its unit of measure. It needs words and texts to be indexed. That is why a lot of marketers emphasize good quality and keyword rich articles. If the article can only be viewed as an image, then it makes the site harder to index and rank compared to other sites.


Agam Berry also stresses that Flash based sites are slow in certain computers and bandwidths. The images, videos and animation take time to download and even for those who use broadband and DSL connections may even experience some lag due to the way the Flash sites work. Of course, dial up is very much dead already but even for the modern users, flash can have errors in loading and you have to refresh the browser again. Though it is enticing to have a flash based site, it would be best to start with a basic HTML site. If you have a very big site to make, it would be better to have it done the classic HTML way or other forms since Flash could be detrimental for big sites.


Some sites, especially lifestyle and fashion sites usually use flash intros. Since these sites purposefully need aesthetically pleasing websites, they might make sense only on specific niches. For most e-commerce sites. It would be annoying to have flash intros. Unless you need it for your website or your subject, it is suggested that you focus more on making the home page appealing than to have curtain raisers that only add up to the bulk of your site. Your readers have much better things to do than to see fancy looking animation. Again, it only works on certain niches so do some search and see if they effectively incorporate flash.


The best solution for those who cannot help it since they already have flash websites, is to develop an HTML version of the site. This way, readers can opt for the HTML versions and “lookers” can enjoy the flash website. This can help optimize the site for SEO.