Going beyond search engines- Agam Berry explores the power of internet marketing

Going beyond search engines- Agam Berry explores the power of internet marketing

Feb 11

When it comes to becoming successful in the World Wide Web, the first thing that comes to mind is having a website and making it the most popular and/or profitable online. To do that, we tend to put our focus on search engines. While there is truth that search engine marketing is extremely important, solely putting the life of your site and marketing to it could lead to some risks especially when you move forward to your marketing strategies. According to Agam Berry, a lot of time and effort is always spent on one aspect of internet marketing. It is like lifting weights but only with one arm. While it benefits that arm, the other arm’s potential is not used and the overall result is unbalanced.


Search engine marketing mainly focuses on one aspect of internet marketing. It captures different approaches like PPC ad campaigns, on page optimization and link building. However, solely using these aspects may minimize their full potential to expand.  Nowadays, social media marketing strategies are as dominant as search engine marketing. Social media has definitely taken the internet to a whole new level such as search engines have changed the way we use the internet before. With the presence of new innovations, it is more important now to explore the potential of internet marketing using a collection of old and new innovations.


How do change your perspective? Nowadays, search engine marketing can be seen as one specific aspect of the broader internet marketing strategies. If you focus on the latter one, you will see that there are tons of untapped opportunities just waiting to be explored. Like we have established before, social media is on a different plane from search engine marketing but they can complement each other to achieve success online. SEO is just one of the many things to do to optimize your site and make it successful. Here are the other options to consider:


Content marketing has become an industry of its own simply because articles are just some of the things that you can use. Other forms of written content include forum posts, press releases, blogs, eBooks and tons of other possible tools. They generate high traffic when written and optimized well and then can help raise the reputation and ranking of the site in search engine terms. There is also lead generation where strategies are made to increase the possible number of customers using different tools like email marketing. Other forms of internet marketing strategies are relevant for the success and the future of new websites that need to dominate online.


It is true that before, SEO was much easier. Nowadays, it has become more complex. This is why there are internet marketing companies that are more than happy to extend their services to help businesses to get their marketing strategies sorted and ensure that they make use of the new innovations for a successful online presence on the web. The web may have become more complex but it sure is more interesting than before.