Agam Berry Leverages Social Media To Boost SEO Campaigns

Agam Berry Leverages Social Media To Boost SEO Campaigns

May 21

Whether you’re an internet marketer like Agam Berry focusing on overall marketing strategy across various internet platforms or you focus solely on SEO, adding social media can help boost your site in the rankings, drive more traffic, and ultimately get more sales. Here are a few ways that social media can help get you seen in the search engines:

Agam Berry

1. Use Social Media Site Authority For Keywords

If you haven’t chosen your vanity URL for your Facebook Fanpage, for example, (you would be surprised at the number of businesses who haven’t) you can set it to a specific keyword to help boost your overall ranking. Your Twitter URL can be changed often so it allows for a lot of split testing with this method. Here’s how it works in essence:

Instead of having, having the URL set to can use the authority of these high PR social media sites and the boost that Google give to matching domain URLs to instantly rank higher than your competition. When someone searches “cityname plumber” and that keyword is in your social media URL, you’ll find it easier to rank your social media page.

2. Use Social Media For Locality

If you are trying to rank for a local business, being on top of Google+ Local listings is essential. The key to ranking higher on the Google+ Local area is to have citations across the web—this includes business name, phone number, and address. Having your these items listed across social media sites (which carry a lot of weight in Google’s eyes) will give powerful citations that can almost instantly put you above the competition. Don’t forget to get in as many other directories as possible, but neglecting to add citations to social media will slow you down considerably.

3. Make All Web Content Shareable

Many marketers like Agam Berry are always looking to the future when it comes to SEO. Being one step ahead of the search engines is what will separate you from the competition. As 2013 approaches, the key to ranking higher will be social signals instead of just backlinks. Allowing users to like, share, tweet, and pin your content across social media platforms will tell the search engines that real people are finding your content useful—this will boost you in the rankings.

Ultimately there are many ways to rank higher in the search engines but social media is an avenue that can’t be missed. By leveraging social media into your SEO campaigns you can take advantage of these authority sites and not only drive direct traffic but get your site visible in search rankings as well.

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