Agam Berry exposes the truth behind the myths of search engine submission

Agam Berry exposes the truth behind the myths of search engine submission

Feb 11

Here are the most common myths regarding search engine submission:

Agam Berry

1. Search engine submission is very relevant

Yes, it seems like submitting the site to a search engine is a very crucial part of your SEO process. A site that cannot be found in search engines is non-existent. Yes, it is true that you need to be included in search engines by that do not mean you have to submit your site. You do not have to worry about this since search engine spiders do this task for you. They will find the new pages and when they find them, they will be analyzed and sooner or later, your site will be indexed. If one other site that has already been indexed in search engines links to you, then the search spider will check that site and they will follow that to reach new pages and generate new information.

2. You should enlist yourself to thousands of sites.

There are some submission companies who offer the “opportunity” to have your site be submitted to various search engines. But if you take a closer look at some of the traffic logs of most sites, you will find that the real deal is only a handful. These are the sites that generate the most market shares for search engine results. First, you have Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Also, search engines vary from place to place so there is Google for China, US, Italy and others. Sending to all search engines is spreading yourself too thinly and in fact, that could also be a worthless action since if your market is local, then most likely, you only need your local search engines to do the trick for your presence.

3. Submitting monthly is necessary

Before, when the internet was still young, companies that did search engine submission said that it was possible for the indexed sites to get lost and the only way to secure a solid presence was to submit every month. They also highlighted that this was beneficial to make the search spiders aware of your site’s new updates. According to Agam Berry, this was very unlikely and the only way for a site to go missing is if you changed the URL or if your site is down. Your site rarely disappears unless search engines themselves have removed the site or has placed them at the bottom of the search results.

4. Automatic submissions are meaningless. Do it manually.

There is always a debate about manual submissions versus automatic ones. Nowadays, manual submissions for bigger search engines are possibly beneficial since there is a code that you need to fill out and this is necessary to block or automated submissions. Manual submissions on this case are beneficial. However, for the secondary sites, it would be possible to do automatic submissions. You do not even have to spend money since there are sites that offer free submissions. Do not believe that you have to spend tons of money because there is no sense to doing so.