Agam Berry explores the potential of keyword density (or lack of) in SEO

Agam Berry explores the potential of keyword density (or lack of) in SEO

Feb 11

Things change quickly when online and the same principle applies to any industries that are on the web. One time this is the trend and then the next it is completely different. In the last few years, a massive number of articles have been made focused on providing information or tips about SEO. In these old documents, you will find that most of them highlight the importance of keyword density for effective page ranking. Keyword density is the ration between the keyword or key phrase and the content or article. For example, on a 500 word article with a keyword “Candy”, the number of times Candy appeared should be at least 10 arrives to a 2% keyword density.


During those years, a lot of web masters and website owners spent considerable effort to perfect the art of improving keywor4d density not only per article but also in the whole page: how the keywords are seen and spread across key sections and how the keywords make sense to the article. It is all about location and mapping. Those days were fun, but they are long gone. Page ranking is not anymore dictated by the number of keywords people see in your front page. It is way more complex than positioning the keywords. Search engines have changed and marketers needed to adapt.


Agam Berry analyzes that there are several factors that play a big factor to the success of a site. These factors include the link reputation and popularity, the supporting phrases and the latent semantic indexing. Many other elements contribute to how SEO works nowadays and one cannot simply not use one. This makes the ranking a lot more difficult for the sites since even if you dominate in one factor, if you fail to use the others effectively, you are not performing as effectively as you would want to. It is vital to effectively use these factors to ensure that you can effectively compete in search engines.


What happens to keyword density now? Well, we can say it is not as significant as before but it still has some relevance as a supporting tool for SEO. Keyword density has been important for many since they thing that it is relevant for online marketing but in reality, it is the content that actually matters more now than merely peppering them with tons of keywords. Keyword density only has a very small influence to the ranking and effectiveness of a site and should be only a supplemental aspect of your marketing.


Focusing on one keyword is not the most effective option nowadays. Now, more than ever, it is more important to focus on supporting phrases and making use of them to tap on more possible options and cover more ground while still keeping the focus of the site on a particular site. Keyword density is still something you can opt to use if you want but that should not be your main goal. You have to properly access the other options available to make your marketing strategies more successful.