Agam Berry explores Ethical SEO

Agam Berry explores Ethical SEO

Feb 11


What makes SEO an ethical venture? The idea of SEO is very much ideal when it started out. One site wants to make his or her website make use of what is available and it worked. Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of concerns about the non ethical processes involving SEO. In a technical sense, ethical SEO is search engine specific. For Google, this is the process of marketing a website based on the terms of the Google search engine. If someone fails to do this, then they are more or less putting these websites at risk since they could be very much caused the site to be banned in the search engine.


The so called ethical SEO specifies the proper utilization of unique strategies to gain prominence in search engines. In a more pragmatic perspective, it is all a matter of moderation. Something that is abusive in nature can lead to problems in the long run. There are many techniques that are prone to abuse. These include the use of various tags, keywords, as well as on page content. There are also aspects that are trickier to abuse such as back links. Nonetheless, all these aspects are actually helpful for the optimization of a website but when not used properly, could lead to considerable problems along the way.


The most common abuse for SEO, according to Agam Berry is the over saturation of keywords in various applications. First, the keyword stuffing is a method that puts so much keyword to the content to a point that it does not make any sense any longer. Another trickery is through masking or cloaking in which duplicated sets of keywords are hidden from the user but when you paste the keywords in a word document, they are actually copied several times. Sometimes, the keywords are blended in the background, making them invisible. It is also possible to stuff the keywords in the tags.


It is quite difficult to address how link building can have a dark side but nowadays, a lot of methods have been revealed. Some website owners pay sites to place their links on their home pages. This ensures immediate page ranking but can also be a deceiving method.  Others also tend to use several websites and they connect to each other, ensuring that they generate good results in the long run. Link building can be quite difficult to handle but with Google trying to silence link farms and poor quality directories, it shows that there is obvious abuse with the use of these links.


Ethical SEO is all about effective ways that can uplift the site in search engines using acceptable methods in moderation. One thing is for sure in SEO: there are no easy ways out of it. If you want your site to dominate, you have to continually do your marketing. If you stop, you are putting your site in peril. By keeping a steady and consistent marketing strategy, you are doing your site a favor. It feels a lot better to optimize a site using methods that are truly reliable and safe.